Monday, November 2, 2015

Nature Show Season 2 Starts Now!

Nature Show 2 takes us on a journey to the dark corners of the Portland hobo culture where Jarrod and Andy attempt to unravel a mysterious story of missing people. Along the way they discover they are headed directly in to the lair of the beast and find the only way to get help is from the ones closest to the missing. Street Tuff’s, a Wizard, Thugs and many other shadowy figures are all intertwined in this wild and crazy adventure comedy.

You know you want to watch this...

Friday, October 30, 2015

Neo Phoenix Studios Releases Short Film

Southern Maine production company Neo Phoenix Studios have released a short scifi/action/fantasy film titled "Dystopia" which will become the pilot for their upcoming web series entitled "Dystopia Capitol City,"

Stay tuned for future developments and for the series eventual first season release here on The Entertainment Experiment Network. From what we've seen so far it looks to be something really special and definitely worth waiting for!

Also, mark your calendars! "Dystopia Capitol City: Interrogation" will be screening at the Rhode Island Comic-Con Film Festival showing Saturday, November 7th at 2:10pm in room 558 at the convention center! So hopefully you watch the short film, and get to know the characters ad the world they have created. Members of the crew will be there and you should too!

Description: Capitol City once stood as a beacon of hope, now it stands as a battleground between the corrupt Parliament and The Resistance After the assassination of the High Lord Montego and the disappearance of his predecessor Kaveh Benedict, Capitol City was in disarray. With nobody to take the seat the people fell under the reign of Zylphia Lucius the former Captain of the City Guard now ruling High Lord and Tyrant. With the reappearance of Kaveh the Resistance will have a leader and to the people of Capitol City, a rekindled beacon of hope.

Starring: William DeCoff, Eric R. Eastman, Reesa Guerra, Jose Gonsalves, Kristi Lynn, Emma Jayne Gruttadauria and Tyrone L. Alcorn
Featuring: Elena Rozzi Pellegrino, Brina Healy, Alison Daniel, Timmy Decoff, and Fionna TheMonkey

Directed by: Janet Llavina Neo Phoenix
Written by: Andrew Bard
Cinematography by: Rajah Samaroo Cinematography
Original Score by: Avery Stemmler

Monday, July 13, 2015

From the creators or Ragged Isle - On a Country Road - Short Horror Film

If you've been curious about what Karen, Barry and Greg from Ragged Isle have been up to since they wrapped their web series, wonder no more! Barry was invited to craft a short spooky film for the 2014 Damnlationland film series. It's a chilling tale that stars 3 former Ragged Isle cast members Kip Weeks, Christine Louise Marshall and Shawn Reardon. Fans of Ragged Isle will also recognize the voice of Greg Tulonen who not only was the head writer for the series, he also starred in it as well. Joining the cast is Sharon Smyth Lentz from the original gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. She was a big fan of Ragged Isle and Barry and Karen were overjoyed that she accepted the offer to star in their short movie. The film was shot in Gorham and Westbrook Maine over the course of a few nights last fall and they've just recently done one final edit on the film, This is the version you can rent or own right now on their page over at VHX.  Check out the short teaser video below. We think if you enjoyed some of the scarier moments in Ragged Isle, this might be something you'd enjoy!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Have a Healthy Helping of '80s Action... With Extra Cheese

If you saw Portland's 48 Hour Film Project this year, you'll remember the winning entry, Through The Door Productions' sitcom parody, "P-Town Peeps," which featured a parody-within-the-parody in the form of a commercial break for a "24"-esque actioner called "48," which Through the Door outsourced to Uke Doiron of Mainiac Films.

"We only had 1 hour and 40 minutes to go out and shoot footage within a half-mile radius," says Dorion. "For what we shot it came out decent and everyone seemed to eat it up during the event."

Eat it up they did, and audience enthusiasm for that brief snippet set the ball rolling on a longer, more ambitious take on the concept.  Introducing Mainiac Films' entry into this year's Four Minute Film Festival, an even more over-the-top parody of '80s action flicks, features guns, explosions, and an upside-down Air Force One (all CGI effects courtesy of the insanely talented cinematographer and editor Eric Michael Dawalga).

Conceived by Doiron, Dawalga, and Skip Brunelle, the "Unhinged" trailer was shot over eight Saturdays in several locations around Maine that could plausibly pass for a run-down city somewhere in Eastern Europe (Kennebunk Beach, the Sanford Mills, and Indian's Last Leap in Springvale, for example). With no budget to speak of, the filmmakers relied on the generosity of their cast of heroes, who also doubled as masked terrorists. Top bad guy Marc Gardner is also a talented stunt man, and was game to jump off roofs and be kicked through doors.

Mainiac Films plans to make a sequel trailer to "Unhinged" every year, each one bigger and better than before.  They're also eying a web series, if they can secure the funding.  This trailer offers a tantalizing taste of what those Maniacs may have in store for us down the line.

Ladies and gentlemen, "Unhinged."

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Introducing... 'The Professionals'

On this Thanksgiving Day, The Entertainment Experiment is proud to bring you something pretty special:  The pilot for an ambitious new show created by Logen Christopher and Corey Rich, the filmmaking duo behind Knight St. Media.

"The Professionals," shot entirely in Portland, follows four main characters (played by some heavy-hitters on the Maine film scene):  Owen (Matthew Delamater), a former banker turned professional homeless man; Gary (Ty Gowen), a lazy dropout who begs on the street and looks at Owen as a mentor; Aubrey (Ashley Brooks), an intelligent, strong woman who manipulates the weakness of men by using her body to make a substantial living; and Kenneth (Erik Moody), an insurance salesman who works, thinks and acts harder than anyone else.  Even in the pilot, these characters lives intersect in intriguing and surprising ways.

Challenging the concepts of success" and the American dream, "The Professionals" explores a world where the "plan" no longer works for everyone.

The pilot below offers a tantalizing taste of what this show has in mind.  The current plan is to launch a funding campaign both online and "on the ground" in February or March to get the funds to shoot the adapted first season of about 6-10 episodes in the summer of 2015.

Here's your chance to get in on the ground floor and see what folks will be talking about next year.  Take a look:  "The Professionals."

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tasty Dude Films, the guys behind our own Portland Music.TV, certainly know how to keep busy. They keep turning out exciting, interesting, short films and web series. Now, they've tackled something even bigger:  Their first feature film, "The Water in the Bay," will premiere at the Portland Empire on December 21 at 7 p.m.  Did you watch the trailer above?  Did you?  This is a very cool-looking movie, and we're so happy and proud to be connected to these very talented filmmakers.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Give Haunt ME a hand

 The folks at our ghost hunter web series "Haunt ME" did a heck of a job with their first season, working with limited resources but with a ton of energy, enthusiasm, ingenuity, and talent.  As they gear up for a second season, they need your help to get the endeavor off the ground.  Check out the video below, and please consider kicking in a few bucks to their Kickstarter campaign.  They've come up with some nifty premiums, but the best part is, if they make their goal, we'll get more episodes.  So chip in if you can!